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The Critical D-Cast – Tales of the Fate of Phoenix Comicon

http://thecriticald.com/podcastgen-2.5/download.php?filename=the_critical_d-cast_-_tales_of_the_fate_of_phoenix_comicon.mp3 Download iTunes Phoenix Comicon is changing, and probably for the worse. Here’s everything we know so far, and how we believe it will affect the convention. BUT FIRST! We discuss our initial thoughts on the newly released Tales of Berseria and Fate/Extella games. Skip to 1:03:45 if you just …

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The Critical D-Cast – Best of Anime 2016 as Suggested by Random Curiosity

http://thecriticald.com/podcastgen-2.5/download.php?filename=the_critical_d-cast_-_best_of_anime_2016_as_suggested_by_random_curiosity.mp3 Download Also available on iTunes It’s time for the fourth annual, Best of Anime as Suggested by Random Curiosity, where we go over Random Curiosity’s list found here: http://randomc.net/2017/01/03/the-best-of-anime-2016/ and compare it to our thoughts and picks. Why? Because it’s more fun to compare than to just hear one …

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